Our Clients

Our clients have come from the seven continents of the world (including researchers from Antarctica), representing well over 40 different countries. Despite our distance, some have returned from far flung corners of the world to experience our tours again - many have become friends.

We are truly grateful to our customers for choosing and supporting Ruggedy Range™.  Offering their flexibility to a small business, bringing their sense of fun, providing their feedback and helping us to grow over the years. This has allowed us to continue to offer, develop and refine our services!

We have included some images and testimonials below to help you understand what we strive to offer.


"Kindness, deep culture, musical joy." A Landi - Italy 

"Furhana is an outstanding nature tour guide because she balances the "head" of massive scientific knowledge with the "heart" of both her passion for nature conservation with her individualized client focus." Dojii - Australia

"We thank you for making our visit so interesting and enjoyable, and it will remain one of our treasured memories. We valued particularly your professional expertise and knowledge of the island. It was a privilege to spend time in 2 special areas which few Australians, and we suspect few New Zealanders are familiar with...". Carrick Chambers (Emeritus Professor of Botany) and Margaret Chambers - Australia 

"We'll never forget this Christmas Eve journey on Ulva Island. We've seen many birds we've never seen before, many trees and beautiful flowers! What a knowledge, we'll recommend you to everyone we know! ..."  Hans & Karin - The Netherlands

"We had such a great time on Stewart Island, made especially good by your tour and the exciting trip back on the boat from Ulva. It was great to see Stewart Island in all its moods. It was a fantastic experience and quite an emotional one for Graham seeing it again after so many years..." Diana & Graham - New Zealand

"Two thumbs up for "Ruggedy Range." What a perfect end to our South Pacific excursion. We filled in all the gaps in our "bird list". Thanks so much" Bob & Betsy Fine - USA

"So glad we discovered Ruggedy Range. An amazing guided trip where we saw more birds than we could have hoped for, and learned so much more about the native plants. Very knowledgeable guide, who "went the extra mile for us". Thank s for giving us such a wonderful experience!" Kath & Ted Welchew - UK

"We felt privileged to be here at all, and even more so to be able to visit Ulva Island in the company of someone who understood our needs and was brilliant at answering our questions, about birds, plants or anything. It was a great introduction to Stewart Island and gave us the confidence to get a lot more out of our brief stay here than we could have done otherwise..." Joan & Dick Allright, Alison Berridge - UK

"Thanks so much for a remarkable day! We are so happy that we decided to do your tour - it was incredibly informative, yet relaxing at the same time - a magical experience. We will be back!..." Robyn & Marcelo - Canada & Argentina

"What can I say - except you are fantastic! Your knowledge is immense and you have imparted it to us so interestingly and entertainingly. Thank you so much for everything…." Judith Chalmers - Hosted "Wish You Were Here" - UK 

"Ruggedy Range is a prime example of an outstanding nature based tour company that surpasses the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Furhana is one of the most qualified and professional tour guides in New Zealand and completely focused on her customers needs”. Urs Wälterlin, Vice-President, Foreign Correspondents' Association of Australia and the South Pacific (FCA).

"There was a happy atmosphere and enough flexibility to suit the varied interests of the group. Thank you for sharing the experience with us." Eirwen & Arthur Thomas - Wales

"One of the best nature tours we have been on and we've been on many. Your knowledge, ability and Friendliness were brilliant. You are clear, concise and fast to spot the birds. Ruggedy Range is wonderful. Thank you." Jerry & Arlene Raskin - USA

"Thank you for your heartfelt hospitality..." Shigeo Yoshii - Japan

"Paul says it was wonderful... I have never seen him smile so much. I know this was his highlight so far!" Jandy & Paul - Australia

"I enjoyed the trip very much! Especially the yellowhead spotting and the History of the plants. Thank you very much!" Benediht Stroekle - Germany

" It was beautifull. We all were astonished very much..." Harro Brinkman - Netherlands 

"Thank you for sharing your wisdom and your love of life and this Island. It was just wonderful." Mrs John Cleese (Alyce Faye) - USA 

"We could not have asked for more in terms of organization, attention, company and leadership. We have learned so much of NZ nature, come to appreciate more of our heritage and had an amazing amount of fun doing all this. You even managed to turn on those 3 kiwi for us!!" Karlsson Family - USA & NZ

"This was a really brilliant visit providing a fascinating insight into the flora and fauna of Ulva Island. The organisation and guiding was first class. Highly recommended." Jill & Colin Nichols - UK 

"Magic trips to Ulva Island & kiwi (hunting) spotting. I loved the information, company, food, kiwi and mud. I would love to come back and do more. The trips were something I will always treasure…." Judith Sise - Australia 

"An amazing morning. Your love of your subject & your knowledge made it all totally fascinating." Paddy & Alan - France 

"It has been an absolute priviledge to go on this trip. Your knowledge of the Island was astounding. Thank you for making our stay on Stewart Island so memorable." Di & Tony Sunderland - UK

"Absolutely magical, well informed & thought provoking." Helen Berney - Ireland

"It was a beautiful trip! We have enjoyed all the information of our very passionate Guide and learned alot..." Maikel & Desie - The Netherlands

"... All the birds we wanted to see (but didn't expect to), including three kiwis. The kiwis included a pair, male and female, which fed, stroked and preened each other literally at our feet, in the dull glow of the red light, for about ten minutes. Magical.
Furhana is an excellent guide and extremely well qualified with both local and scientific knowledge, which is so important. Not only do you get to see the rare birds, you also learn about them and their habits from an expert..." John - Australia