Aurora Australis

Aurora Australis / Southern Lights

Aurora Australis can be seen from Stewart Island anytime of the year depending on the level of the sun's activity. We can experience some stunning light displays.

The ability to see the Aurora Australis depends greatly on cloud cover on the day and the visibility of the moon. 

When our days are shorter, during late autumn, winter and early spring, looking out for aurora is a lot easier - you don't have to stay up as late. 

Night Sky

We are fortunate to live in an Island with almost nil air pollution. Away from the centre of Oban Village, and the street and house lighting the night sky on clear days is simply spectacular, subject to cloud cover on the day.

You don't have to wonder very far from your accommodation to view our stunning night sky, with the Southern Cross and a multitude of other stars in the Milky Way. In the wilderness, during our overnight hikes, the night sky can be simply breathtaking!