Weather Information

We live in the roaring forties and have very changeable, oceanic weather, sometimes experiencing four seasons in one day. Windy conditions are normal, but we also get days of very settled and calm weather. Each year's weather is different from the previous year's, making predictions extremely difficult. As locals we take heed of weather forecasts, but also wait to see what actually happens. 

The average summer temperature is approximately 15 - 18 degrees celsius (59 - 64 degrees fahrenheit) and in winter 7 - 11 degrees celsius (44 - 51 degrees fahrenheit). Temperatures do rise above and occasionally drop below this mean. Our temperature is often a few degrees warmer in winter than Invercargill and other mainland areas, due to the warming effect of the surrounding seas.

Snow falls on our mountains each year, but very rarely at sea level. Frosts are experienced in late autumn, winter, early spring.  

The average yearly rainfall is 1600 mm - 1800 mm (60 - 70 inches) in Oban Village but higher further west and south. The rainfall in Oban is less than the average rainfall on South Island's west coast which, is over 3000 mm (118 inches). It does not rain every day, and it rarely rains all day.

Always wear or bring suitable clothing (warm layers, warm hat and gloves), a waterproof raincoat and good footwear to Stewart Island. Never take the weather for granted.

Our Island is exhilarating during stormy days and utterly beautiful and highly memorable during calm, sunny days...

Whatever the weather, Stewart Island is an experience not to be missed!