Conservation Fund

Conservation Project

From 1st July 2003 we started donating some of our revenue to help fund our own conservation project (this is in addition to fees we pay to the Department of Conservation). So far we have raised over $18,000.

From 1st September 2020, we will stop these contributions due to the impact of Covid-19 resulting in fewer visitors travelling and the impact  on our revenue.  We will review our decision over time. It is important that we remain sustainable but still continue to promote conservation.  We hope to to do this by providing meaningful, quality natural history tours that help visitors appreciate our natural environment and understand the significance of conserving what we have.  Our tours continue to be highly educational.

Our aim is contribute to the protection and enhancement of our native species (terrestrial / marine) and our natural environment.

We encourage clients to foster the development of sustainable conservation techniques, support meaningful research and genuine conservation projects and to actively participate in conservation projects.

We have been donating upto 31st August 2020:
$1.00 per paying adult or child, per guided trip of half or full day duration,
$2.00 per paying adult or child, per guided trip of 2 days duration and,
$5.00 per paying adult or child, per guided trip of 3 days.

Clients have helped by participating in one of our guided tours.  A big thank you from us.