Island Facilities

Banks & ATM Machines

There are no banks. There is one ATM in Stewart Island for NZ Eftpos and NZ Credit Cards. Many business take credit card or EFTPOS. The nearest banks are in Invercargill, South Island.

Telephone / Mobile / Internet

We have a public card phone on Main Road. Most accommodation venues have phones for local calls.

Spark New Zealand and Vodafone mobile services are available in Stewart Island. The service is limited - mainly in Oban Village and some parts of Paterson Inlet and areas on Ulva Island.

Internet is available at many accommodation venues. There is free WiFi on Ayr Street at the local library and outside the Community Centre.

Restaurants / Cafes

There are currently two restaurants, a cafe and a takeaway. These are all open during the busy season (September/October to April/May). During the off-season there is usually one restaurant operating throughout. Restaurant reservations are recommended during the busy season.


There is one grocery store, two gift shops (other venues may also sell gifts), a boutique clothing outlet and one outdoor shop. The outdoor shop is operated by us at the Ruggedy Range™ Booking Office on 14 Main Road. It also sells some gift items.

Community Centre

A fabulous venue on Ayr Street. It has a large function room, fully equipped commercial kitchen, gymnasium, squash court, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis facilities.


Located on Ayr Street in the Community Centre is open to the general public.

Golf Course / Bowling Green

A lovely six hole golf course can be found on Wholers Road.  Our all weather bowling green is centrally located in the centre of Oban.

Nurses Clinic

Our Nurse's Clinic on Argyll Street is open daily.

Police Station

A small police station is easily accessible on Golden Bay Road.